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Naturally, you need to know who you are partnering with, and quite rightly so! Our team is currently a family affair. My name is Mark Rowe, and together with my wife and best friend Lesley, we have sought to demonstrate the love of God in word and deed for over 43 years. During our entire time together, we have ministered across the globe encouraging churches and communities to make disciples. We have planted and pastored churches, and served global ministries in the areas of international operations, translations, and discipleship. Together, we have been privileged to travel extensively to some of the world’s most remote and poorest places, with the aim to build relationships.

Now, together with our eldest son Matt, based in the UK, we are seeking to redouble our efforts to reach the nations. Matthew, a licensed minister and graduate of Charis Bible College Colorado in the USA, brings valuable technical skills to our team. Our aim is to provide access to discipleship tools and other resources via technology, free of charge, and in as many languages as possible.
In the current climate with limited travel, technology can go where we cannot.  Together, with your help, we can still reach the nations!

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Mark & Lesley Rowe
Matt Rowe

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