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About - What we do

We have two goals; the first is to disciple people using a discipleship program called the Discipleship Evangelism or DE program, as well as other materials on evangelism and other relevant Christian topics. The DE is a 48 lesson course available in multiple languages, written by Don Krow and Andrew Wommack. The course covers all the basic truths of the Christian faith, as well as many life issues such as marriage, finances, and other practical situations. Each lesson is based on God’s Word and contains, text, scriptures, and supporting questions and answers. The good news - it is totally free! We have successfully used this program worldwide and seen it transform communities, churches and individuals, by making disciples who are then able to disciple others. In other words, making disciplers, using free the materials provided, who can then do likewise. Jesus said; 'This is to my Father's glory that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.'  John 15:8 NIV

Our second goal, once we have gathered sufficient funds, and established strong relationships, is to provide practical help in the form of knowledge, training and resources. The ultimate aim is to help lift people out of poverty, and set them on the road to sustainability.


Overall, our mission is to demonstrate (demo) the love of God in word and action, and provide resources that are totally free, and free for all to use in their efforts to disciple others and preach the Good News.

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