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This low-cost, cycle generator has been designed to produce the maximum amount of energy - using the minimum amount of effort.  Simply mount any full-sized, adult bike into the stand - and start peddling to generate power!  The idea behind this project was to design a rugged, simple and universal generator to meet the needs of people in energy-deprived communities.


BIKEGEN2 is capable of charging 10 phones or USB devices simultaneously with fast charging options too! It works on demand (unlike other forms of green energy) such as solar or wind-powered generators. This makes it a fantastic community USB charging solution in emergency situations. BIKEGEN2 can power any other 12-22v device that plugs into a universal cigarette port.

  • Produces 12v (6.6amps) @ an average riding speed of 15 mph - which is then converted to 5v.

  • Quick attachment system allows the use of most standard adult bikes with a 26"-28" tyre.

  • 2 x 12v universal cigarette lighter ports allow the connection of a variety of devices

  • 1 x Baseus dual port 65w fast charger for QC 4.0 + 3.0 type C fast charging.

  • 1 x 8 port intelligent USB charger with 40w or 1 x 8A max multi-charging.

  • 8 x 1-phone X charged to 39% in 1 hr - fully charged in 3 hrs @ 5w.

  • Can charge 12v batteries independently or alongside solar panels.

  • Simple but rugged design - makes this unit safe and easy to use.

  • Can be used with an inverter to produce 110-240v for mains supply.

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