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Evangelism downloads

Before we can disciple people we have to lead them into a relationship with Jesus. Evangelism is just that, and yet one of the things that many of us find so difficult to do. On the following page you will find teaching on how to lead people to Christ from Steve Bartlett - an amazing evangelist and dear friend. Steve went to be with the Lord in 2018, but his teachings and example are as valid today as ever!

A picture of the late Steven Bartlett

Please avail yourself of these free powerful teaching videos complete with training pdf lesson guides from a disciple that followed in his Master's footsteps. Steve would be thrilled to know his material is still helping to win souls ... that is what he lived for, and dedicated his life to. Click on any of the links below to begin downloading.

Link to a Prayer of Salvation video

An animated video guide

Link to The One God Chose soundbyte

Steve Bartlett sound byte 

Link to who Needs Faith video

An animated video guide

Link to God's Eternal Purpose videovideo

Lesson 1 - God's Eternal Purpose

Link to The Word Became Flesh videoh

Lesson 2 - The Word Became Flesh

Link to God's Great Revelation video

Lesson 3 - God's Great Revelation

Link to Inspiring Faith video

Lesson 4 - Inspiring Faith

Link to How Jesus Won Souls video

Lesson 5 - How Jesus Won Souls 

Link to Sharing Your testimony video

Lesson 6 Sharing Your Testimony

Link to Understanding Conversion video

Lesson 7 Understanding Conversion

Link to The Work of an Evangelist video

Lesson 8 The Work of an Evangelist

Link to /the Basics of Disciple Making video

Lesson 9 The Basics of Disciple Making

Link to Answering Tough Questions video

Lesson 10 Answering Tough Questions

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