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Discipleship downloads

To be a disciple is to be a follower and learn to be like the one you are following. As outlined in our What We Do section in the About Us pages, we use the Discipleship Evangelism or DE program to help people get to know more about God and Jesus Christ, the one we follow. 

If you want to follow the video lessons with a written guide for the complete 48 lesson program, then you can download by following this link - English.

Alternatively, if you prefer another translation click

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Link to Prayer of Salvation video

Discipleship Evangelism
Prayer of Salvation

Link to Eternal Life video

Lesson 1 
Eternal Life

Link to Salvation By Grace video

Lesson 2  Salvation By Grace

Link to Righteousness By Grace video

Lesson 3 Righteousness By Grace

Link to Relationship with God video

Lesson 4 Relationship With God

Link to The Nature of God video

Lesson 5
The Nature of God

Link to Repentance video

Lesson 6 Repentance

Link to Commitment video

Lesson 7 Commitment

Link to Water Baptism video download

Lesson 8 
Water Baptism

Link to Indentity in Christ (pt 1) video

Lesson 9
Identity in Christ

(Pt 1)

Link to Identity in Christ Pt 2 video download

Lesson 10
Identity in Christ

(Pt 2)

Link to What Happens When a Christian Sins video

Lesson 11
What Happens When a Christian Sins?

Link to Integrity of Go's Word video

Lesson 12
Integrity of God's Word

Link to God's Not Guilty video

Lesson 13
God's Not Guilty

Linkto the Power of a Spirit Filled Life video

Lesson 14
The Power of a Spirit Filled Life

Link to How to Receive the Holy Spirit video

Lesson 15
How to Receive The Holy Spirit

Link to The Benefits of Speaking in Tongues video

Lesson 16
The Benefits of Speaking in Tongues

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