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Will you help?

Anyone who has run or worked for an organization of any type knows that it does not operate by ‘smoke and mirrors’, by magic, or simply run on ‘thin air’. There is always a cost. In the same way, for us to produce the tools for discipleship, employ the technology, travel to the nations, build relationships, resource different projects, and survive in the process – there is a cost. Click on the button to visit our news blog

Jesus told His disciples to 'go' and as believers we are all His disciples! However, the truth is that not everyone can go - but with your help, we can go for you.  Even in the aftermath of a pandemic there is uncertainty - but with the aid of technology we can still reach out to the rest of the world and make a difference.  

Whilst our 501c3 status will provide tax benefits to our donors, more importantly you are helping fulfil the Great Commission that Jesus gave to us all, in Matthew 28:18-20. Our goal is to demonstrate the love of Jesus both practically and spiritually. The reality is, we simply cannot do this without you! Will you help? If so, please complete the form above - every donation will make a difference! If you cannot help us financially, would you commit to pray for us? That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and may God bless and multiply your generosity back to you.

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